Family Trip To The Camden Aquarium

Camden Aquarium

We visited the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ this weekend.  It as filled with laughter, exploration, and tears (of course, what do you expect with an 8 month old and 5-year-old?).

Camden Aquarium 6The ride to the aquarium was great.  The kiddies (and hubby)  slept so I was able to listen to Howard Stern on satellite radio.  It was going to be a very kid-oriented day so I needed a little adult humor to take the edge off.

Always get to a family trip (aquarium, beach, museum, etc) early, especially if you do not like crowds.  Most people do not show up to until the afternoon.  If you are there early you will miss all of the lines and most of the aggravation.  If you are bringing a child in diapers, bring a mat to use on the changing station.  I was pretty grossed out waiting in line, when I realized how many children are on the changing table and how the changing table is never cleaned.  If you have a stroller that a child can be easily changed in, use it!

The aquarium has a cute penguin exhibit and a really interesting hippo exhibit.  I’ve never seen hippos close up and I thought it was amazing.  Max loved the SpongeBob 4D show.  His only complaint was that it was not long enough (my husband and I both agreed it was definitely long enough).

Camden Aquarium 2

The baby loved watching the sting rays.  They put him in a trance.  He definitely disliked the exhibits that were very dark.  My husband thought it probably reminded him of bedtime!

The have an adventure zone for younger children to explore with their hands. They can explore mazes, musical instruments, what if feels like to be inside the ocean, and more!  Beware:  it is very loud!

Camden Aquarium 4As the day went on, it became more and more crowded.  Luckily, we saw most of the exhibits by the time the crowd showed up.  I always know it is time to leave when aggravation sets in.  I waited in line to pick up our pictures and a man cut in line.  I contemplated pulling him by his hair out the front door and throwing down.  FYI- that is always a big sign it is time to go home.

The ride home was filled with hysterical crying.  My little one wanted to be held and the car seat was not doing it for him.  I did not get to listen to Howard on the way home!

The Camden Aquarium is definitely worth the trip. If you are in the area stop by.

Camden Aquarium 5

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