5 Year Olds Have Tantrums

Just come to my house.  I’ll prove to you that five-year olds have tantrums.  This week, my five-year old has taken a one way trip to melt down city.  Yay!

It happens when I pick him up from school.  One moment Max is smiling.  The next he is in anguish, screaming up to the heavens about how unfair life is, as the other parents quickly walk away with their children.  It all started when a boy brought a toy out to play with, but his mother told him no one else could play with it (slapping my hand against on my forehead “Thanks a lot, lady”).  Well her son let one boy play with it, but not Max.  I cannot say I blame him for that tantrum.  I kind of felt like throwing one myself.

Today I picked him up and he went to play with his friends for a few minutes before he left.  All of a sudden, he was the screaming maniac standing amongst all of the other sane children.  This time he was upset because the other boys did not want to play what he wanted to play.  I can understand how that might be upsetting, but he was shaking he was so angry.

Safe to say, it has been one of those weeks, but I do not let it get me down.  Max is normal.  I am aware of his triggers.  I just have to be quicker to intercede before he gets out of control.

Tantrum Triggers

1.  Over Stimulation-  A loud party or change in your schedule.  Think of an environment that us overwhelming, just too much to take in all at once.5 Year Old Tantrums

2. Feeling Misunderstood-  This is my son’s biggest complaint.  He is constantly trying to communicate things and believes we do not understand him.  Often times we do understand him, but he has to go with the flow of the family.  Not everything is centered around Max (Even though he wishes it did).

3. Hunger- I know my son is not the only one who gets cranky when he is hungry!

4. Mega Frustration-  Most children are at the “I can do it by myself” stage at this point, but when they are having a hard time doing it tantrums start to fly.  Example:  Swimming at the beginning of the week.  Max insisted he could use the snorkel by himself, but when he could not figure it out he through it over the fence in frustration!

I am hoping that things will improve and quickly.  I know my son’s triggers.  I just have to beat him to it if I do not want another tantrum.  When I pick him up from school tomorrow I am going to remind him that if he is frustrated with his friends to come to me first before screaming and  crying.  Often when I give him a pep talk things work out.

Cross your fingers for me!

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4 replies

  1. At the moment, I am trying to teach my son some relaxation techniques for when he is angry and frustrated such as imagining he is in a quiet still place or getting him to clench his muscles one at a time and release them. He doesn’t really use them yet but I am hoping he will use them in the future. One thing that does work, is taking him to timeout but I do it in a gentle way. I lie him down on his bed, kiss him, give him his teddy and tell him he needs time to relax now.

  2. And it’s not just boys … my almost 5 year-old daughter can throw what we call a hissy fit pretty much without warning. The 2 main triggers seem to be – your number 4 point (frustration) and/or a feeling of not being in control, ie, not getting her own way. I find the first easier to cope with than the second which usually becomes a battle of wills. I tend to stand firm and attempt to ignore the shouting and abuse – usually happens at home, thankfully, but there’s a first time for everything. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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