The One About Strep Throat And Water Guns

the one about strep throat and water guns 3As Memorial Day weekend hit I started to feel sick, but I convinced myself that it was nothing!  Moms do not get sick.  Shake it off.

Boo!  By Sunday night my throat was sore.  By Monday I was delirious.  I was loopy, stumbling around in the middle of the night, trying to figure out what to feed the baby (yes, I almost fed him pizza before I realized he is a baby and is not quite ready for left overs).

Time to go to the doctor.  The results:  Strep Throat!

On Tuesday morning I waited for the meds to kick in.  I set Lucas up in his exersaucer next to me and put out tons of arts and crafts for Max to play with.  And then delirium took over for about an hour and a half.  This is what happened during that time, to the best of my recollection.

“Mom!  What are we doing today?”

I crack an eye open, “Mommy is not feeling well.  I’m sorry, but in a little while I’ll take you outside.”

I shut my eyes and lay my head down.

“Georgia!  Lick Luke’s face!”  Followed by giggling.

“Georgia! Lay down!  Max, do not tell the dog to lick your brother.”

Finally, peace and quiet.  Wait, it is too quiet.  How much time has passed?  I open one eye to see Max hanging from the ceiling!the one about strep throat and water guns 2

“Max, get down before you break your neck!”

He replies, “All hail Max!”

“Get down right this second.”  He jumps down and does a victory lap around the house.  He plops down on the chair and starts coloring.

Thank you!  I close my eyes and drift off, until my nose begins to burn.

“Mom, Lucas smells!”

I pull myself up and change the baby.  Yikes, it is an enormous blow out.  He grins at me proudly as if to say “Check out what I did!”  I clean him up and set him up beside the couch in the exersaucer.  I lay down again, my hand reaching out to gently tickle his fingers.  My eyes start to drift. Wait!  Is that a water gun on the table?

“Max, put your water gun away.”  I close my eyes.  Ugh, my head is pounding.

I take a quick peak.  The water gun is on the baby’s exersaucer.

“Max!  Do NOT play with that water gun in the house.”

Finally, I fall asleep.  I just need a few minutes to gain some strength until the medicine starts to work.  Just a few minutes.  That is all I need.The one about strep throat and water guns

A slap of water hits my face! I sputter, opening my eyes, to meet the barrel of a water gun.

“Maxwell, that was not nice.  I do not feel well! And you cannot play with water guns in the house.”

He frowns, “Sorry, Mom, I was really just playing.”  He puts the blanket on me, “Go to sleep.”  He starts to walk away, but then quickly comes back to whisper in my ear.

“Um, I need to tell  you something.  I kinda squirted the baby a few times too!” He quickly runs out of the room as I jump up.

The baby looks at me, smiling like the Cheshire cat, his face dripping with water.  Sigh.

Rest time is over.  Why can’t Moms take sick days?

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4 replies

  1. A part of me wants to laugh and another part doesn’t because I’m sure that if I do, karma going to come and bite me in the bum later on. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. So true! Your kid(s) will force you to get up and engage in life no matter how sick you are!

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