Creationists Are The Ones Standing On The Side Of Science?

At least that is what Paul Abramson claims on his website, .  Why am I on this website?  I can definitely say I am not a creationist, far from it; but, I wanted to understand it.  I wanted to try to understand why people believe the ideas of creationismcreationism.  I am on a mission to read things I would not normally read.  And read I did.

Definition – a doctrine or theory holding that matter, the various forms of life, and the world were created by God out of nothing and usually in the way described in Genesis.

Throughout the week I’ve been looking over quite a few sites.  I starting with Paul Abramson’s FAQ Page .  I read it over twice and my first reaction was, “HUH?”  Yes, I know, I should have become a poet. Abramson made my head swim.  He answers questions in a round about way and leaves out proof altogether.

Didn’t the Dinosaurs go extinct 65 million years ago? 

There is good evidence that the Earth is only thousands of years old….The “65 million years” is a recent mental invention.  Evolution provides a mental hiding place from our powerful Creator.  Evolution claims (theologically) that our God is weak or non-existent.  Right?  Think about what evolution claims about or origins.  Dragons were seen and sometimes fought by our ancestors on all inhabited continents….Humans saw dinosaurs.  Sure, stories later became embellished, but the germ of truth that humans and dinosaurs (dragons) lived at the same time remains accurate….there are still a few living dinos out there, by the way.

He also talks about Noah’s flood covering the entire planet.

Salt water washing over the continents would have destroyed all of the plants anyway, right? 

Have you ever added sugar to your coffee but forgotten to stir it?  What did it taste like?  Before the Flood the oceans “hadn’t been stirred” yet.  The oceans may not have been saturated with minerals prior to the Great Flood when waters violently washed over the land masses.  And we know that natural whole plant seeds (not narrow hybrids, which are much weaker health wise….are hardy and can tumble around, surviving for even months suspended in and transported by water…

What about the fossil record?

The “creationist best friend” (i.e. the fossil record) still shows a distinct lack of transitional forms.  Sure, every generation of evolutionists have a few new ones, but none of them have stood the test of time so far.  Lately they’re trying real-hard-like to claim that “dinosaurs grew feathers” to validate temporary evolutionary theory.  This will fall flat too.  Wait and see…It’s sad what they’re doing to the children with such propaganda.

At this point in my reading I was beginning to have some regrets.  What was I reading?  But I still wanted to come to some understanding. “Hadn’t been stirred” yet? Dragons? Lack of transitional fossils??  ( Check out , Mr. Abramson, and see the fossil record may not be your best friend after all.)

The Grand CanyonMissoula flood

Geologist, Dr. Steve Austin, explains that the Grand Canyon was not created over millions of years, but made in a short period of time by Noah’s flood.  He uses the comparison of when the dam failed and Lake Missoula caused a flood that shaped the terrain of eastern Washington. But scientist have found far more differences between the Missoula Flood and the Grand Canyon.

After reading about the creationist perspective on the Grand Canyon, I think it becomes pretty clear that they already have their conclusion and they are trying to fit scientific data into their conclusion, whether it fits or not.

Creation Books For Children

One of the last things I read was a children’s book, Dry Bones and Other Fossils by Gary E. and Mary M. Parker.  I think reading this information in a children’s book is very shocking.  To think that children are being taught this and being made to think it is science is devastating.

dry bones and other fossils

Are fossils the plants, animals, and people that were drowned in the Flood?

I think most fossils were formed during the year of Noah’s Flood, and some in the big-area floods that followed. And you know what? If that’s so, then you and I are standing right here on a huge graveyard.  And all these fossils that cover the world tell us about the evil effect of violence and sin, and they remind us of God’s judgment.

Dad, if dinosaurs were alive when the Flood came, did Noah have to take them on the Ark?

He surely did….

How did they all fit on the Ark?

No problem, believe it or not.  Of course, Noah probably took young adults.  But the Ark was so big it could hold over 500 railroad boxcars full of animals with space left over.

Teaching Our Children

If schools continue to teach creationism as a science, what will that mean for our students coming into the work force?  If science and religious belief become blurred how will be compete with the world?  We need students to enter into the scientific fields and to do that evolution needs to be taught.

I can say with certainty that I can understand questioning why some bible stories really happened, while others are seen as just a story.  That is where my understanding ends.  It is wrong to just to warp scientific findings to fit your beliefs.  It is wrong to teach children to do the same.

This week I am going to do lighter reading!!

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