Parenting Pet Peeves

parenting pet peevesAll parents have something, that other parents do, that annoy them.  Do not deny it!!  I am not the only one.  Something that just crawls under your skin and sits there and, before you know it, you are reliving the peeve hours later.  How could that parent do that?  And why can’t I stop thinking about it?

The ‘Talk Through My Kids’ Because Clearly I Do Not Want To Talk To You

This is especially annoying when you have just been watching someone’s child.  They come to pick them up, say a quick ‘hello’ to you, and then proceed to talk with their child the rest of the time.

Did you take a nap today?  Did you brush your teeth before you went to sleep?

You did not eat sweets today, did you?  You did!  Jill gave them to you.  Well I told you no sweets.

Did you tell Jill you are getting over a cold?

Ok, say good-bye!  We have to go!

All the while, I am trying to gain mom and dads eye contact.  Hellloo!!  Yoohoo!  Your child is 4 years old.  Maybe you can ask me how her day went!

The ‘My Child Is Above All The Rules’

I do not advocate being overly strict, but sometimes we all have to follow the rules!  In a kindergarten class it is not unusual for a teacher to have a rule that there are no outside toys allowed in the classroom.  Seems reasonable to me.  My son might complain, but he will have to follow that rule.  I drop him off and there they are, one or two kids showing off their toys from home.  So now all of the other children are upset and distracted by this.  I have to explain to my son all over again why he cannot bring toys to school, but other children do it anyway.

This applies to extracurricular activities.  Have you ever gone to your son or daughters t-ball practice and there is a child setting up a picnic blanket on the side of the field?  She then proceeds to take out all of her favorite dolls to have a tea party?  Oh, and she is doing this because that was the only way mom could get her to come to practice?  I feel your frustration.  Sometimes it is extremely difficult to get your children out of the house.  However, that does NOT give you the excuse to completely disrupt t-ball practice!  The coach has a hard enough time keeping 3 an 4 year olds attention during the best of circumstances, and now you have let your child set up an enormous distraction.  Thank you! Not only are you ruining practice, but, once again, I am going to have to explain to my son why he cannot bring toys to t-ball practice next week!

parenting pet peeves 2

The ‘I Use Technical Terms From Parenting Books’ To Make You Feel Like A Dope

Soooo, have you ferberized the baby yet?  I feberized all 20 of my children from day one and now they are championship marathon sleepers!  I can give you the book!

This is usually when I slam my head against a brick wall, followed by a polite, “No thank you”.  Yes, I have denied you the pleasure of going on and on about your vast baby rearing knowledge!  If you are so smart write your own book (I won’t buy that one either!).

The ‘I Will Give You Disapproving Looks When You Yell At Your Children In Public’

Yes, I have yelled at my son in public.  And, no, it is none of your business.  You have no idea what he is in trouble for or what kind of parent I am.  You see one little moment in our lives and, suddenly, you are judge, jury, and executioner.  Save the drama for your mama!

parenting pet peeves 3

The ‘I’m Going To Let My Kid Do Whatever He Wants To Your Kid’, But I’m Going To Pretend Like It Is Not Happening

I would not consider myself to be a helicopter parent , but when my child is playing with another child who is hurting him, physically or mentally, I am going to step in.  The same goes if my son is hurting someone else.  You better believe I am going to stop that behavior immediately.  That is why it is completely infuriating to be sitting on a bench in the playground, talking to a parent whose child is bullying mine.  Hello??  Do you see this?  Time to step in and get your parenting on.  If not, I will, and I know you will be giving me disapproving looks when I yell at your child.

Woo!  It was good to get that off of my chest.

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