McDonald’s Hamburger Has Not Aged Since 1999!

Last night I am reading an article from the Huffington Post about a man who purchased a hamburger from McDonald’s.  He was going to keep it for a month to show that it does not spoil like regular food.  Well, he forgot about it.  14 years later he finds it in a coat pocket. Gross!  Except, the burger looks exactly the same as the day he bought it.  No mold.  No smell.  It is exactly the same!  Side note:  Is anyone else jealous???  I wish I could say I look exactly the same as I did in 1999.

I am not a crunchy mom.  I’ve always said everything in moderation is fine, but there is something wrong about this!  Am I the only one that thinks there is something completely unholy about a hamburger that can last for over a decade???  Do I really want to put this into my body?  Into my children’s bodies?  Yes, it is delicious!  But what price are we paying?

The worst thing about this story is the advertisements

English: The official logo.

English: The official logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

McDonald’s has been playing on TV.  My son watches Nickelodeon and during every commercial break a McDonald’s advertisement is played.  Let me tell you….they are catchy!  I find myself humming along to the tune.  I finally sat down to watch one and, once again I found myself saying, “Gross!”

McDonald’s has decided to go with the “We are really healthy!  We serve milk and fruit!” advertisement.  Ummmmmmm…..really?  That little bag of apples and milk has you defining yourself as healthy??  Have you no shame???  And then they play it over and over and over on a children’s network.

You scum bags! That is so low!  Oh, and thank you, Nickelodeon!  You are a real gem too!

The fact is that parents are a child’s number one source for teaching them about healthy eating.  Of course, we shouldn’t rely on commercials.  Of course, we should not believe everything we hear on commercials.  But that does not stop McDonald’s from hammering those advertisements at us each day.

Just remember the next time you watch a commercial, read an ad, or just drive by a McDonald’s-  In over a decade not even the mold and bugs ate that hamburger!!!

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